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Motto Sofa

Designed specially for those, who give priority to elegance and comfort in their living spaces thanks to mobile armlet characteristics, Motto brings peace and comfort in your living areas thanks to practical design and modern formation.

Allowing you to add elegance in your living areas thanks to its hundreds of different color and fabric options, Motto continues to be included among the favorite Fuga products of all times.

Product Details
Materials Upholstery: Fabric/Leather
Leg: Chrome/Copper Static
Bed Base: Wood/Lacquer
Specifications Mobile Armlet.
Dimension OptionsDouble Seat Sofa: 201 x 88 x 68 cm
Two-and-a half sofa: 226 x 88 x 68 cm
Triple Sofa: 251 x 88 x 68 cm
Three-and-a-half sofa:: 272 x 88 x 68 cm

Reflect your style in your living space with our collection products renewed every year!

By adding 2 new collections each year, we continue to be the indispensable brand of modern houses. Have you seen other Fuga Furniture products that offer minimal elegance with simple lines?