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Librum TV Unit

Librum, which will become the focal point of your living area, fascinates thanks to its led illumination detail, modular design with different dimension options.

Allowing you to create new designs with different sizes, Librum is available in our stores as a unit where you can display your accessories fondly.

Product Details
MaterialsBookcase Cover: Glass
Body: Wood/Lacquer
Panel: Wood/Lacquer
Shelf and Drawer: Wood/Lacquer
Bookcase: Wood/Lacquer
Specifications Mirror back and shelf illumination detail
Dimension Options Bookcase:
220 x 50 x 205 cm
111 x 50 x 205 cm
165 x50 x 205 cm
111 x 50 x 205 cm
57 x 50 x 205 cm
165 x 50 x 205 cm

Reflect your style in your living space with our collection products renewed every year!

By adding 2 new collections each year, we continue to be the indispensable brand of modern houses. Have you seen other Fuga Furniture products that offer minimal elegance with simple lines?