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Gent Corner Sofa

Allowing you to create whatever design you wish from different modules, Gent enables you to bring Fuga elegance in your living room being easily preferred in the living spaces with wide and narrow dimensions.

Allowing you to add elegance in your living area thanks to hundreds of different color and fabric options, Gent continues to be the choice of those, who like entertaining a great number of guests or giving particular importance to comfort at their homes.

Product Details
MaterialsUpholstery: Fabric
Leg: Wood/Lacquer
SpecificationsSpecial design for you with whatever number of modules and size options you wish.
Module option with table
Mobile armlet.
Dimension Options Pouff Module: 88 x 88 cm
Module 1: 88 x 88 x 63 cm
Module 2: 102 x 88 x 63 cm
Module 3: 80 x 88 x 63 cm
Module 4: 140 x 88 x 63 cm
Module 5: 175 x 88 x 63 cm
Module 6: 180 x 88 x 63 cm
Module 7: 218 x 88 x 63cm

Reflect your style in your living space with our collection products renewed every year!

By adding 2 new collections each year, we continue to be the indispensable brand of modern houses. Have you seen other Fuga Furniture products that offer minimal elegance with simple lines?