Lins Collection

Including the most recent designs, Lins Collection incorporates minimal breezes in its details. Uniting with unique Fuga design lines, natural elegance of massive material provides a simple but strong and elegant style in living spaces.

With the sitting groups, bedroom, dining room and complementary products which are included in the collection, you are ensured to decorate all of your house with the lines of Lins.

Minimal approach, perfect match in design

As Fuga Furniture, the leader of modern designs, we specified minimal approach as the starting point for Lins Collection as well. With the unusual design detail in metal legs, modular sofa design with thin armlets and masculine breezes, bedroom products have been included among Fuga products as the mostly preferred products of recent times.

Complementary products with striking details

Making up the complementary products of the collection, sideboards, coffee tables and side tables, mirrors were meticulously designed in order to turn your houses into a peaceful living area. Turning the houses into a warm living space that gained identity and reflects you, from just four walls, Lins products will complete your elegance thanks to their modern design.

You are welcome to our showrooms to see our products closer and meet with the elegance of Fuga Furniture!

Adding 2 new collections in our products every year, we continue to be the integral brand of modern houses. Offering a minimal elegance thanks to its simple lines, we would like to have you as a guest in our showrooms so that you could review Fuga Furniture more closely.