Lav Collection

Determined with the slate, which is one of the strong materials of the nature, as the starting point of the collection different from a line, Lav Collection incorporates the elegance of upholster, which is modern and at the same time trendy in of every year in upholstered products.

With the sitting group, bedroom, dining room and complementary products, which are included in the collection, you are ensured to decorate all of your house with the lines of Lav.

Slate, the material that brings the peace of nature in your home

Lav Collection in which we catch the entirety with slate design, used in top platforms of TV Unit, console, nightstand and dresser, continues to receive appreciation thanks to its sofa and chair designs, incorporating upholstery, one of the most favorite details of living areas.

Fuga Furniture design privilege, hidden in small touches

Believing that details glamorizing the whole and that details are in fact the original lines that give identity to the product, our team turned the collection into the choice of any age and taste with elegant upholstery detail and buttons included in Law Bedstead and Lav Pouff.

You are welcome to our showrooms to see our products closer and meet with the elegance of Fuga Furniture!

Adding 2 new collections in our products every year, we continue to be the integral brand of modern houses. Offering a minimal elegance thanks to its simple lines, we would like to have you as a guest in our showrooms so that you could review Fuga Furniture more closely.