Fuga designs living areas.

Eye-catching collections with a minimal approach in design.

Create peaceful homes of modern times with the designs of Fuga Furniture, prepared to be a decor for the laughters to echo on your walls.

“Originality takes place with turning to source. Anything can be spoken with the language of the nature!

Antoni Gaudí

We search more, give up more, manufacture more, imagine more and listen to music more in order to enjoy creating an unmatched product between the first and last point of the design!

With approximately 50 new designs, included in the collection every year, it extends its range of products.It prefers natural products, manufactured and designed with its following motto of ‘’turning to natural’’, initiated in recent years.Natural materials, which are especially used in Loft, Lav, Lins, Miro, Inka and Merlin Collections reflect the harmony and color of nature in marble and massive walnut houses.

Fuga designs living areas.

Collections, which are renewed every year.

Being inspired with the energy of nature that constantly renew itself, we add new products in our collections every year. We closely monitor the trends of present day in design and direct the future of the sector with our style.







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