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We will be happy to being in a contact with you, if you want to shaping your future in Fuga Furniture or modernise your living area with Fuga Furniture.

We as Fuga Furniture has always carried on our achievement further away with aim to create peacefull living areas since our establishment date. The most important source is our team ,who indigenise the idea of’ the most valuable source to be communication and understanding the human’, anaylse necessities properly and find out solutions from production to delivery, while us carrying peace to your houses. We will be happy to help you for all issu, question and feedbacks you to wonder regarding to our products and showrooms.








How can I reach your items’ price info?

We will be happy to host you in our showroom for price info regarding to items and

2. How do you transmit your items to cities where you do not have showroom?

The items are transmitted to the cities us not to have showroom in exchange of cargo fee payment by customer. If you wish, montage service is supplied in addition to this.

3. Do you make delivery to abroad?

We can submit our items to your delivery company as exwork after we make items speacial package for abroad

4. Can you supply accessories in your showroom?

We can supply the accessories in our showroom in private of your order.

5. Can you make special’customised’ production?

Our items are produced according to standard measures.

6. Do you supply architectural support?

Our sales representatives submit a drawing combination for items that you chosed, getting your living area measures and supply you an opportunity to see how your room will seem with these furnitures.

7. I do not know how to maintaining of my product, can you help me?

Our sales representatives will be happy to help you about maintaining of our items produced with
Fuga Furniture quality and served for your using.

8. What is your products’ lead time?

Lead time is 4 weeks for standard items choise, 6 weeks for variant item choise.

9. What are the working days and hours of your showroom?

Our showrooms are open on weekdays and weekends between 09.00 a.m. and 07.30 p.m. for your visit.

10. I would like to make a job application, how can I hand in my CV?

You can send your CV to  adress. Thank you for your interest.